Here at the office, we offer two different laser therapies that help with pain relief and tissue healing, as well as nerve repair and regeneration.

lzr7 LZR7 ZX2 Class IV Laser

LZR7 ZX2 Class IV Laser Therapy is a new, non-invasive treatment performed on patients, as well as professional athletes, that helps relieve pain and speed up the body’s healing process. This laser therapy helps accelerate recovery from injury by stimulating rapid cell and tissue growth. As the most powerful cold laser in the world, it has 66% more power which equates to 66% quicker treatment times for superficial inflammatory conditions. If you suffer from shoulder, neck, back, hip, elbow, wrist, knee, or foot pain, this Class IV laser can help! Patients typically gain relief within just a few sessions.


ERCHONIA  PL5000 Low-Level Laser: Nerve Up-Regulation


From the post-graduate course by Dr. Jeff Spencer (Chiropractor of Lance Armstrong and Tour de France team) in Laser “Up-regulation,” this low level laser re-establishes communication between the cells, nerves, the surrounding connective tissue, and muscles. Often times, a muscle that is considered “weak” is actually a result of the nerves that supply the muscle not working properly. Essentially, this laser technique can turn the nerves “on.”

In our office, we have found that people who have had surgery (i.e. knee, shoulder, neck, back) often times have a hard time developing muscle strength in that area. This phenomenon is not always due to a weak muscle. More often than not, it is the nerve that needs to be reconnected. It is the nerve that has been traumatized and shut down that causes muscle weakness. With this specific laser technique, we help re-energize the nerve so that the muscle works the way it is supposed to.

Laser Up-Regulation is a new and effective technique that can help with a variety conditions such as: acute trauma, chronic pain, vertigo, and carpal tunnel syndrome. The results we have seen here in our office are short of miraculous.